Freezer Warehouse

In 1998, Londonderry Freezer Warehouse opened its doors on Rockingham Road in Londonderry, NH. With an original 60,000 square feet of storage space, and strong commitment to customer satisfaction, the company soon flourished. Demand and convenient location resulted in the addition of a 30,000 square foot addition. In about 2003, the company built its second facility in Londonderry. This new building, Highwood Cold Storage, hosted about 96,000 square feet of refrigerated storage. In October 2005, an extension was added, bringing the total square footage for both buildings to 212,000.

Both Highwood Cold Storage and the Londonderry Freezer Warehouse offer well-lighted storage. The facilities provide refrigerated and frozen storage, including space for sub zero temperatures, at both -10°F and -20°F. Inventory is stored safely and securely, using an appropriate racking and storage system. An internet program allows customers to track their inventory.

The facilities’ staff are formally trained in the operating procedures and have a solid understanding of the requirements for the customers’ products. They do their best to keep communications with clients open and to address any potential problems before they arise. Both facilities allow for on-site inspections of products to be arranged. They each offer a clean, modern kitchen that can be used by either a customer’s own QC inspector, or an independent USDC inspector.

Highwood Cold Storage is the white building in the middle; the plaza on the far right is the Derry Meadows Shopping Center, directly across from Wal-Mart

Security for the warehouses is very important. Both are fully wired with an ADT security system. This includes both video and motion control monitoring. The warehouse has several docks with multiple bays, each of which have cameras. Employees also have the unique ability to log in to the video system at any given time from any computer. The facilities also have installed a high-tech temperature monitoring system. Called Sensatronics Environmental Management Solutions, this “three-pronged approach” compares reported temperatures against thresholds. If the temperatures fall out of a specified range, the staff is immediately notified through email, cell phone or pager.

Londonderry Freezer Warehouse and Highwood Cold Storage have both been certified as “excellent” by the American Institute of Baking. They are registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration. They are also bonded with the United States Customs.

Highwood Cold Storage is located on Rockingham Road, just before the Derry town line. Londonderry Freezer Warehouse can be found on Rockingham Road, near the Triangle Mobil. Browse the map below for detailed driving directions.

You can contact Londonderry Freezer Warehouse at (603) 421-9525