Felton Inc. is the oldest industrial brush manufacturing company in the United States. Founded as the H.G. Wilson Co. in 1852, it was purchased by Silas Felton in 1872 and renamed S.A. Felton & Company. This interactive History time line provides a walk through the companies history. Click on the thumbnail then click on the dates to advance and learn more!

20090714_felton_timelineConsisting of three business units—Industrial, Retail and Transportation that serve mid-size to large companies with highly engineered products for sealing, guiding and surface preparation applications. Felton designs with synthetic and natural materials including polymers, rubbers, metals and fabric. Finished assemblies combine materials and processes including co-extruded, molded and a variety of part integration methods.

These assemblies meet critical application needs for:

  • Material containment & transport
  • Gap sealing & closeout
  • Fluid dispensing
  • Static elimination
  • Noise damping & vibration control
  • Surface cleaning, polishing & sanding

Felton is today the largest manufacturer of custom brush products. You will find Felton designs in: automobile shift levers and seat belt mechanisms; aircraft windows and seats, printing and lithographic equipment; postage meters, machine guards, vacuum cleaners and a wide range of agricultural equipment.

Felton brushes are used to dust felt hats, protect lead screws, wash eggs, polish glass, plant soybeans, finish stainless steel sinks, moisten tape, apply glue to sutures, control static electricity and in hundreds of other applications vital to our country’s growth and stability.

In 1998 an open house and dedication ceremony was held at the new 75,000 square ft factory, the home office for Felton Inc, located at 7 Burton Drive near the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport.

Visit the Felton, Inc website to view the wide range of products made right in our backyard. Contact them at (603) 425-0200