Kluber Lubrication

As long as the earth rotates there will be friction loss, but especially where there are shafts and bearings. And Klüber Lubrication will be there, changing the world of tribology with innovative, intelligent solutions.  Kluber Lubrication has a unique range of special lubricants and their know-how, backed by eighty years of experience in research and development, make them one of the world’s leading lubricant suppliers. In all matters regarding lubrication.

Klüber manufactures specialty lubricants that ensure safe, maintenance free lubrication of body hardware, power train, interior packs, and brake components. Klüber offers dry film lubricant coatings for all substrate and specialized lubricants that solve lubrication problems in which extreme temperatures, speeds, loads and environmental conditions cause conventional lubricants to fail.

From the central locking system to the axles – there is hardly a part of a modern-day vehicle that will function correctly without the right lubricant. But, not just any lubricant; Klüber lubricants play a decisive role in special low-noise and anti-friction products for use in components like driver’s seats and window lifters.  There’s no shortage of lubricants: for large girth gear drives or the precision-lubrication of wristwatches; low-friction materials or dry lubrication; food-grade, rapidly biodegradable or scourable; oils, greases and pastes; resistant to high or low temperatures; in drums or tubes – you name it! The range of Klüber special lubricants is as diverse as the spectrum of all friction, wear and corrosion reducing applications you can think of. Klüber has more than 2000 special lubricants in store. And if the exact solution to your specific tribological needs is not among them? Then we’ll develop a lubricant tailor-made.

Klüber Lubrication North America L.P. is founded in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA.  As Klüber continued to expand they moved the company to Londonderry and began production.  In 2003 Klüber Lubrication moved to 32 Industrial Drive and is still located in Londonderry, NH.

Visit the Klüber Lubrication website to find out how Klüber keeps the world turning in Londonderry, New Hampshire or call (603) 434-7704