Nu-Cast, Inc., a privately-held company, was established in 1986. Located on Grenier Field in Londonderry, New Hampshire, the offices and manufacturing facilities and equipment allow the company to produce a wide variety of aluminum castings. The company also has the ability to work with newer, developmental materials, both for the cast products and the mold and process technologies. Nu-Cast employs over 130 people with excellent engineering, management, and production skills.

The company has been providing aluminum investment castings for commercial, industrial, aerospace and government use since its beginning. Nu-Cast uses the latest lost wax casting technologies to meet custom aerospace casting specifications. They rapidly deliver high tolerance parts and complete parts to print for industries that have the demands of aerospace and military.

Nu-Cast uses concurrent engineering when working with customers. They establish efficient and cost effective design approaches from the start of a project. They review the systems and components on the basis of function, design, product ability and cost. Nu-Cast provides specific recommendations, alternate design approaches and supporting rationale. The company also determines the areas which should be cast, and those that should be machined, provides engineering drawings and much more.

Nu-Cast is located at 29 Grenier Field in Londonderry. They can be contacted at (603) 432-1600.

For more information, visit the Nu-Cast website.